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Core Health & Fitness Digitalizes The Gym Experience with Advagym by Sony




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LAKE FOREST, CA (February 3, 2022) – Core Health & Fitness, an innovative fitness company known for five of the most recognizable brands in the industry, announces its partnership with Sony Europe B.V. (hereinafter ‘Sony’ to offer the Advagym digital platform to their customers.

Advagym brings an easy-to-use digital platform to fitness facilities to make tracking workout data simpler than ever before. Wireless sensors can be connected to Nautilus strength machines, Star Trac and StairMaster cardio equipment, Schwinn group cycle bikes, or attached in desired zones of the gym, to share information and content, guide the member experience and provide owners and operators with detailed gym utilization data. Paired with a user-friendly app, Advagym takes the connected fitness experience to the next level for members, trainers and staff.


“Connecting with members and clients is critical, and the right tools can make all the difference,” said Travis Vaughan, Senior Director of Product at Core Health & Fitness. “Advagym allows us to provide a facility with the opportunity for engagement between facility, trainer, and member, across the entire facility floor. This ultimately drives results, member satisfaction, and retention.”

The Advagym database uses a cloud server to log data in real-time while interacting with its users. Using Advagym technology, members can record their workouts, save their favorite exercises for future use, and view workout history. Advagym also encourages trainers to use the digital platform to engage with members (regardless of location) and create training programs that can be shared without difficulty. This not only enhances the overall fitness experience; it also helps with member retention and engaging new clients.

“Trainers love the way the app allows them to connect with members and allows instant feedback on their strength workouts” Rod Hill, President of énergie Fitness said of Advagym at his facility. “The ease of use and puck scanning application has opened up a whole new world of opportunities to track members’ strength performance which is a massive growth trend and people understand more and more about the benefits of a regular strength training programs and how it benefits many areas of their lives.”

With Advagym, facility owners and operators will also receive detailed gym utilization data that can be used to make data-driven decisions about their facility. The web-based admin tool provides valuable insights about machine usage and exerciser preferences, which also helps trainers understand the members’ needs.

The partnership between Core Health & Fitness and Advagym by Sony creates an exciting new opportunity for fitness facilities to further engage staff, trainers and members alike, all while keeping up with the ever-advancing fitness industry technology.


About Core Health & Fitness

Core Health & Fitness is more than gym equipment, we offer innovative solutions for all your facility needs. This is why we’ve brought together five of the most recognizable fitness brands to ensure our customers can offer their members authentic fitness experiences. Whether working with us directly or through our partners and distributors worldwide, we provide the highest quality equipment backed by a service and support team that will always go the extra mile to get you what you need, when you need it. Partner with us and see how our Core Values motivate our every decision. Visit us at

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